Back to Work

As you may have suspected, I've found real, paying work and my blogging discipline has gone out the window. General work exhaustion combined with apartment hunting and a heat wave so excruciating it makes even the idea of turning your oven on unbearable have meant I haven't really cooked a thing in the past two weeks. Two weeks. I know. If there was some sort of blogging institution they would take my licence away.

But I'm back, and I promise a new post tonight (yes, as in 4 hours from now). I asked Omar to look for some good recipes while I was at work so we've got some exciting stuff to look forward to: Petit Pots de Creme au Chocolat, Sriracha-Lime grilled chicken, and Zucchini Vichyssoise. Pretty eclectic tastes for a kitten, no?

Omar checking his email before getting down to business.


David Toms said...

I see Omar has his priorities right!

Bitter Endive said...

Don't let the cuteness fool you - he was definitely up to no good!