3 things I've learned about Ireland:

1) The have lots of mountains and hills.
2) They drive ridiculously fast on ridiculously narrow roads.
3) They have some of the best seafood, cheeses, and cured meats I have ever had.

Our cottage is lovely but is without Internet access (egads!) so this is going to be a short post. I promise more, in detail, on Sunday when we head off to Dublin - including the story behind this lobster, part of a delicious seafood platter Simon and I cooked up.

Omar had to stay back at home (Simon wouldn't let us smuggle him over in our luggage. He doubted Omar's ability to stay still for the 6+ hour flight), but he's having fun staying with a ginger cat named Oscar.

That's it for now (there's a line forming behind me at the Internet cafe)! More to come...

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Anna said...

It reads like you guys are having a blast. The lobster is beautiful! We are eating asparagus every day as one can never have too much asparagus especially with a creamy ricotta sauce (ricotta and cream) and the left-over sauce from the roasted lemon chicken.