From Killarney to Kinsale...

I promised a Sunday post, so here I am. The dubious wifi of our hotel in Dublin, however, dictates that it be short and light on pictures. I promise a meal-to-meal account of the trip on my return (though I warn you now that I have barely a single picture of a meal that I wasn't halfway through eating before remembering to take a photo).

County Cork was stunning. The people were the kindest I have ever met and the scenery is breathtaking. There being six of us (my parents, my brother & his girlfriend, Simon & me), we had to rent this huge 8 seater van thing which would have been fine, except for the fact that we actually had to drive it. On mountains. At 100 km/h. On roads so narrow they could barely be considered bike paths (I suspect Simon enjoyed the crazy turns and high speeds; I was gripping the edge of the door so hard my hands went numb).

I can`t upload any more pictures because my camera and computer both need charging and I only thought to purchase one adapter. So that`s all you are getting for now: a picture of somewhere in Southern Ireland and a half-assed post about beautiful scenery and the kindness of strangers.

We have another day in Dublin and then we are off to London on Tuesday, where (wifi permitting) I will have more to post (and maybe even some pictures).

No news from Omar - He is having lots of fun with his new friend. I always suspected he was really a feral leopard cat who was only placating me with his domesticity, and now that he has Oscar (his new Ginger buddy) I fear our days of cuddling and playing together are over. We`ll have to see.

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Anna said...

Be prepared to discuss the cured meats in detail. Although maybe they are better than Canadian meats because of what the animals are fed.