We're back!

After a fantastic two weeks, we have returned! The trip was really amazing - rolling hills, the ocean, mountains, sheep, what more could you ask for? FOOD! Here are some pictures from the Cork-portion of the trip. We were in Glengariff, way down south on the water.

The first meal of the trip was really disgusting: airplane food. Our flights were with Air Canada and the food was just about the worst I've ever tasted. Air Canada, if you're reading, you should be ashamed. So, instead of eating, we just drank:

We stayed in Dublin for a night before driving to Cork. We went to Fallon & Byrne which is this great Food Hall with a restaurant above it. The dinner was delicious but due to a starvation-induced haze I forgot to take pictures. I got a picture of my dad's dessert though:

We stayed in a house in Glengariff so Simon and I actually did a lot of cooking. Check out the kitchen:

Cooking is surprisingly easy when you have space and there isn't a kitten trying to run off with your ingredients. (We really did miss Omar though. He would have had so much fun on that marble island).

We made lamb.

And lemon risotto.


And scallops. We found this great meat and cheese shop called Manning's Emporium, specializing in local charcuterie. We got a little overexcited testing cheeses and talking to Val, the owner. The 30 minutes we spent in his store were among the best of the trip. Plus, it made for a fantastic lunch.

There is high end food to be found in Cork, and my personal favourite was O'Connors in Bantry. They specialize in seafood (a fact my mum, never one to turn down duck, was unable of recognizing). The fish was all top-quality and simply prepared.

My mother's duck confit.

Next stop: Dublin!

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David Toms said...

Welcome back! cannot wait to hear all, and I dont think Air Canada is reading!