Macaroni and Cheese

Decided to make Macaroni and Cheese yesterday. It was yummy but I never can get the sauce-to-macaroni ratio right. I do it the classic way, with a Bechamel cheese sauce. Though I added a LOT more sharp cheddar and a little bit of nutmeg. We also added some mustard (I think it was White Wine Mustard?) to make it a bit more grown-up (of course, smothering it in ketchup probably negates the sophistication added by a couple of tablespoons of mustard).

It was tastey but could have used a sharper cheddar and a bit more sauce. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture before eating it so all my pictures have a giant chunk missing, making it resemble a macaroni-and-cheese cross section:

Going to have to make something considerably healthier tonight becuase lately all my food has been the same colour as butter. Maybe the Pork Tenderloin Stir-Fry that I always make when I went something with some green vegetable in it? I'm a sucker for a tenderloin...

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